Wonk Unit – Summertime – Video / Single

Wonk Unit erfinden sich gefühlt mit jedem dritten Song neu und bleiben sich dabei doch immer treu. Genau das hat die Band aus London auch mit ihrem neusten Song SUMMERTIME geschafft. Wäre die Welt eine andere….Summtime würde im Radio laufen. Zum Song und zum Video selbst schreibt Sänger Alex folgendes:

We all love sex, that’s why sex sells. Sexiness is something to be celebrated and enjoyed. Lines start to get a bit blurred in music though when we begin to consider “female fronted” as a genre, and the responses to the existence of women in the scene. This is something we’d discussed a lot as a band, and it can sometimes seem like the very presence of a woman in a band causes people to sexualise, regardless of whether sexiness was an intention. ‘Summer Time’ was written as a tongue-in-cheek comment on this, as it is something probably all women in bands have experienced to some degree, and I’ve definitely felt it myself. It’s awesome and fun to own your sexuality and use it as power, as long as it’s on your terms. I like to think that’s what ‘Summerr Time’ is really about. We had an urge to put out something sexy with a big beat, something that would simultaneously work at a club but also as a punk song. ‘Summer Time’ is supposed to be a sexy song whilst also being an observation of the way sexiness is harnessed in music.” X

Die digitale EP Summertime enthält neben dem Titeltrack noch das Stück „You`re sick“ , ein straighter Wonk Unit Punkrocksong. Cool!

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